A Bar Begun

A bar started in the tap room, a new intern joins Loons Landing, and continuous progress toward opening.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Scott Johnson

Our next big project is to build our bar. We're making it by hand out of walnut slabs that came from a downed tree during the late-season tornadoes in Apple Valley. Jake Myhre, from 612 Milling provided these beautiful black walnut slabs for us to use.

Amy checking off on the initial framing work of the bar with Paul

While we've been waiting on our permits to arrive from the City of Savage, we've been finishing the floors and performing some tweaks on our recipes. We'd like to thank Jay Scherer from the City of Savage for guiding us through the permitting process. There are so many things to learn when you first start a business, and not the least of these is what order steps need to be taken to ensure a smooth opening. Jay's been really helpful in making sure we know which permits we need and how to obtain them.

On another note, we also have a very special announcement: Riley Dingman has joined us as an intern to help learn about brewing, and more importantly, how to set up a brewery. Riley is a student in the Dakota County Technical College's Brewing and Beer Steward Technology program and has been helping us with everything from perfecting our recipes to moving small serving equipment to the brewery.

Riley and Scott moving a kegerator through the snow in January

We'll make sure to show pictures of progress on the bar in the coming days, so stay tuned (or not, if you don't want any spoilers).

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