A Deviation from the Norm

A new recipe arrives at Loons Landing, along with a new category of beer!

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Scott Johnson

We just started serving a recipe we call the "Irish Deviant". This was supposed to be an Irish Red, but, due to some supply mishaps, is now more of an Irish Gold, a category that doesn't really exist (until now!).

It actually turns out that this is a pretty good mishap, though. Our original Irish Red ale, Red Sunset, is still in the works, but we ran out of our flagship blonde ale, Autumn's Early Arrival. So the Irish Deviant is taking the place of Autumn's for the time being until we get it back in stock.

The golden color might not match the Irish Red style category very well, but its light, buttery, almost biscuit-like initial flavor is excellent on a hot summer day. Moreover, the slightly English bitter finish with dry, floral notes matches the Irish style fairly well. We call this new style Irish Gold, in honor of the origins of the recipe and Irish history.

Come try our newest selection and get a taste of the UK here in Minnesota!


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