A simple list of Loons Landing creations

Beer! A wise man once said that beer makes you feel the way you oughta feel without beer.
- Wilhelm Rodman, "Brews Brothers"

All of our beers are designed by hand by our founders. Each batch has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Below, you will find descriptions of each of our current beers, along with tasting notes.

Beer List

On Tap

Beer Name Style ABV IBU
Damned Squirrel British Brown Ale 6.0% 26
Anti-Scurvy Elixir American IPA 6.5% 62
Whipped Cloud Cream Ale 5.00% 19
Blues Don't Bother Me Fruit Beer 6.2% 21
Smoking on 36th Street English Porter 6.3% 29
Irish Deviant Irish Red Ale 4.2% 25

Temporarily Out

Beer Name Style ABV IBU
Autumn's Early Arrival Blonde Ale 5.8% 26


Beer Name Style ABV IBU
Ironclad California Common 5.08% 44
The Patriot Vienna Lager 6.20% 28
Red Sunset Irish Red Ale 4.27% 25
Bier Czech Premium Pale Lager 5.57% 37
Dobroy Nochi Russian Imperial Stout 10.60% 67

Specialty Beers Not Currently Available

Beer Name Style ABV IBU Notes
Kung Fu Kicker English Barleywine 19.34% 51 750ml Bottle; Available once per year

Smoking on 36th Street

A lighter-weight English-style porter with a smoky aftertaste. Unlike its American counterparts, the English Porter is less hoppy and more malt-forward. Carbonated and served on nitrogen, this ale has a creamy consistency one would expect from higher-gravity stouts, without the high alcohol content. The initial smoke flavor gives way to creaminess from the sweetness of the malt and the nitrogen in solution, followed by subtle flavors of cocoa, slight bitterness from the hops, and possibly a hint of fruit.

  • Core Selection

Vital Statistics

Style English Porter
ABV 6.30%
IBU 29

Autumn's Early Arrival Blonde Ale

A sweet, tangy ode to the last days of summer and the arrival of the crisp fall months. With a bit of a citrus bite from actual orange peel, rather than citrus hops, this blonde ale is, like its counterpart in women, a class act with a lot to be enraptured by and little to dislike. Its golden hue at the top of the glass, transitioning to darker as you look down toward the base, this beer reminds us that summer is fleeting, and autumn will be here before you know it - but that that's not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Core Selection

Vital Statistics

Style Blonde Ale
ABV 5.80%
IBU 26

Damned Squirrel

A nutty, full-bodied embodiment (pun intended) of the original British Brown Ale category. With hints of cocoa and caramel on the tongue in an aftertaste, this ale is a delicious, easy-drinking winter warmer or summer afternoon meal replacement.

  • Core Selection

Vital Statistics

Style British Brown Ale
ABV 6.0%
IBU 26

Irish Deviant

A beer brewed in the style of an Irish Red ale, minus the color of a traditional red (an Irish blonde?). This beer was originally a batch of Red Sunset, but the wrong grain was added to the mash accidentally. This ale is a light and bready summer session beer with slight caramel notes and a finish similar to a light English bitter.

  • On Tap

Vital Statistics

Style Irish Red Ale
ABV 4.2%
IBU 25

Red Sunset

A balanced, easy-drinking ale slightly malt balanced. Designed specifically for springtime and the St. Patrick's Day holiday. It has a distinct biscuity flavor, with a smooth, dry finish.

  • Not Available
  • Seasonal: Spring

Vital Statistics

Style Irish Red Ale
ABV 4.27%
IBU 25


A pale, bright, refreshing Plzeň-style lager. The Pilsen malt is distinct within each sip with complex features. Balanced well with traditional Saaz and Tettnager hops for a bitter, but not overly harsh, finish.

  • Not Available

Vital Statistics

Style Czech Premium Pale Lager
ABV 5.57%
IBU 37


The term "steam" as a euphemism for beer originated on the West Coast during the 1800s, presumably from the way the fermentors were left open in the cool air of San Francisco, giving off small amounts of water vapor during fermentation. Today, this style of beer is called "California Common", and its most popular version is Anchor Steam. Our version of "steam" is an amber-colored ale with hints of caramel and biscuit, brewed with West Coast hops, and is a nod to our colleagues out West. It has less alcohol content so you can enjoy a few of them during a single session without getting too intoxicated.

  • Not Available

Vital Statistics

Style California Common
ABV 5.08%
IBU 44

Dobroy Nochi

Our original, award-winning imperial stout. A creamy, black-colored stout with coffee, toffee, bread, and cherry notes hidden in the complexities of its dark recesses. Come bring your tastebuds back to the age of the Tsars - За нашу дружбy! (To our friendship)

  • Not Available
  • 2019 NHC - Minneapolis Regional: 3rd Place

Vital Statistics

Style Imperial Stout
ABV 10.60%
IBU 67

Anti-Scurvy Elixir

Our rendition of an American IPA uses a significant amount of Citra hops to provide a citrus-forward aroma and flavor. The finish has a slight passionfruit character that pairs well with the bitterness provided by the hops.

  • Core Selection

Vital Statistics

Style American IPA
ABV 6.50%
IBU 62

The Patriot

A Vienna-style lager brewed in the style that became famous in the city of Boston. An amber-colored lager with a malty start that finishes relatively dry and clean. Notes of bread, toastiness, and biscuit from high-quality malts give this beer its signature flavor.

  • Not Available

Vital Statistics

Style Vienna Lager
ABV 6.20%
IBU 28

Whipped Cloud

A cream ale with significant sweet notes from both malt and maize. Brewed as an ale, this light-bodied, straw-colored beer has more in common with traditional American lagers than with its ale cousins. A refreshing and delicious taste, with just a hint of hop flavor to keep you from floating away as you sip it.

  • Core Selection

Vital Statistics

Style Cream Ale
ABV 5.00%
IBU 19

Seasonal Beers

Blues Don't Bother Me

A fruit beer with blueberries added during the boil. This beer has a cream ale base, so there is a significant sweetness from the base beer style that transfers through to this variant. The blueberries add a tartness when fermented, giving this ale an almost sparkling fruit juice quality to it. The hops balance the package to produce a refreshing summer ale.

  • Core Selection
  • Seasonal: Summer

Vital Statistics

Style Fruit Beer
ABV 6.20%
IBU 21

Specialty Beers

Kung Fu Kicker

A dark, wine-like, aged beer designed to be sipped like a fine cognac. This barleywine is aged for at least two years in small, 2-liter barrels, giving it the equivalence to 8+ years of aging in a normal 30-gallon oak barrel. A silky-smooth drinking experience, you will notice a significant cherry aftertaste co-mingling with the malty sweetness. With an oak-y finish, coupled with just a hint of spice, this beer pairs well with a thick steak or after a holiday dinner.

As this is one of our rarest and most labor-intensive beers, it is only brewed once per year, and offered in 750ml bottles. It is sold in a priority-order, with our VIP members having first opportunity to purchase the limited quantities. We also offer 2L barrels in which it was aged, should you want to continue aging it yourself.

Vital Statistics

Style Barleywine
ABV 19.34%
IBU 51

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