Check out our growing assortment of cool items you can buy to represent your local brewery and taproom!

We have a wide array of merchandise available for you to purchase to help support Loons Landing Brewery. Check out our product listings below and then contact Amy to purchase. All purchases come with a free bottle opener keychain!

Classic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Our classic short-sleeve T-Shirt

Our most popular item. A soft, high-quality T-shirt with the Loons Landing logo in white on the front. Extra comfortably designed for working from home.

Available in Hillside Green or Thunderstorm Grey; S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL available; $25/each

Classic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Our long-sleeve T-shirt is perfect for Fall and Spring when the weather can be unpredictable

A version of our classic T-Shirt with longer sleeves for possibly cooler weather. Perfect for Minnesota Spring, Fall, and (hopefully a minor number of) cool Summer days. Just as soft as the short-sleeve T-shirt, but great for those of us who get cold easily. As a bonus, allows you to "roll up your sleeves" when it's time to get to work drinking brewing beer.  

Available in Lake Superior Blue or Thunderstorm Grey; S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL available; $35/each

Loons Landing High-Comfort Premium Hoodie

Our super-soft, extra comfortable premium hoodie

Soft as a baby's blanket! This high-quality hoodie comes with a white Loons Landing Logo on the front. Double pockets in the front allow for carrying any small item(s) you may need such as keys, wallet, or bottle opener, as well as space for placing your hands to keep them warm when you leave the house without gloves. Hood drawstrings are capped in high-quality vinyl to prevent fraying or removal from the hood loop.

Available in Thunderstorm Grey; S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL available; $55/each

Vintage Logo T-Shirt

Our original design

This T-Shirt comes with a backstory. When we originally conceived the brewery, we didn't know we were going to be in Savage. As such, our logo was originally designed having the subtext "A Minnesota Brewery". Once we found our current home, we had our logo modified to include Savage, MN in the design. Prior to this refresh, we ordered shirts to give to our close friends and family as an announcement gift. When we received the shirts, we liked them so much, we decided to make a full order. We have a limited number of these shirts remaining from our original run, and we don't have any intentions of making more. You can own a piece of Loons Landing history while we still have it available.

Available in Hillside Green;  M/L/XL available; $15/each, while supplies last

Winter Touk

Oh yah. Now that's a touk, don'tcha know

What's a Touk you might ask? Well, growing up an hour south of the Canadian border, Scott heard this one quite a bit. Traditionally speaking, Scott's definition of a Touk includes the pom on the top (he was adamant his hat had to have a pom), but we're selling them with an without the pom. This hat is an extra comfy knit material , double-walled for maximum warmth when skating outside in January and has the Loons Landing logo embroidered in white on the front (or perhaps back or side, depending on how you want to wear it).

Available in Hillside green; One size; $15/each

Old-School Trucker Hat

Represent Loons Landing while you're on the road

A vented mesh cap in the old-school "trucker" style. Perfect for hot summer days or when you're driving beer from Texarkana Savage. Adjustable back makes this hat great for everyone from 3 year-olds to centenarians. Our smallest employee, Quinlan, is a fan of this particular item and wears his nonstop.

Available in Winter Mix Grey/Northwoods Green; One Size; $25/each

Pint Glass

A necessary staple for craft beer enthusiasts

You have to have a glass to drink beer, am I right? I suppose you could drink it straight out of the bottle or can like Johnny Lawrence, but the more civilized among us prefer to have a vessel for our malt elixirs. This pint glass is laster-etched with the Loons Landing logo and has a green accent in the bottom of the glass to alert you when your drink needs a refill. Dishwasher safe.

Available with Northwoods Green accenting; 16oz; $12/each

Loon Bottle Opener Keychain

Isn't the loon cute? It doubles as a bottle opener!

Standard-issue equipment for any beer fan. How many times have you gone to open a beer in your workshop, only to spend 10 minutes trying to find a place to open the bottle? Well, look no further! You can attach your keys to this nice little loon and have a bottle opener right at your fingertips. Making a loon sound when opening bottles is optional.

Available in Hillside Green; Free with any purchase or if you happen to tag a picture of the Loons Landing truck on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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