Number One VIP

The first-ever Loons Landing VIP has arrived!

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Scott Johnson

Congrats and Thank-You to Loren Ness, our first VIP member!

Starting a brewery is tough. There's a lot of up-front costs that we need to pay for. In addition, here at Loons Landing, we need to make sure our ambiance is "just right", which means that the build-out costs are fairly high, and this is before we even are able to sell a single pint.

To offset these costs, we launched our VIP Membership Program, which gives individuals the opportunity to receive benefits when we open in exchange for a cash fee now. All memberships are annual, but, by purchasing a membership now, that first year doesn't start until we open our doors, meaning you get the benefit of having helped get us started, and a full year of membership benefits once we open our doors.

All early adopters, regardless of membership level, will also get the opportunity to take a picture with the founders before we open, to be immortalized in the brewery on our very own hall of fame!

Now you have a friend in the brewery business.

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