VIP Memberships

Join the Loons Landing VIP club

Join the club! All memberships to Loons Landing receive first invitations to special events, special membership-only private rooms, and priority service at our tap room.

As well as those listed here, we also have investment-level opportunities for those considering investing more substantially in the brewery. Contact Amy for more information about these.

VIP Tier 1: Ensign Level

Enjoy the benefits of being a supporting member of Loons Landing, without a huge financial investment.


  • Loons Landing Swag Package (includes T-Shirt, coaster, commemorative certificate, and name display inside our brewery)
  • Loons Landing-provided custom mug
  • $1 off all draft beers on-site
  • 20% off any beers to go (Growlers, Crowlers)
  • 15% off all merchandise purchasses from Loons Landing
  • 50% discount on your entire beer tab on your birthday

Early Adopter Price:

$100 per year

VIP Tier 2: Commander

Make a little higher contribution to get more benefits, when you're in the tap room and when you're at home. This tier is limited to 50 members (commissions) at any one time.

Remaining Commissions:



  • All tier 1 benefits
  • 2 bottles per year (750ml) of our annual specialty release for free (Specialty release is typically $250/bottle)
  • 1 free pint of draft beer per day
  • Free growler per month of the staff-selected Loons Landing beer for that month
  • 25% discount on all mechandise and non-membership subscription purchases from Loons Landing (does not stack with tier 1 benefits)

Early Adopter Price:

$1250 per year


  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, but it won't take effect until the next renewal date.
  • Can I get a refund for my membership if I am not going to use the remainder of the year?
    Generally speaking, no. There are exceptions for military deployment and a few other things. If you feel that your case might qualify for an exception, please feel free to Contact Us.
  • If I subscribe at the current founder pricing, does the membership start today?
    No. You will receive swag as part of our gift package immediately, but the membership is good for one year from the date that we open to the public, not from the date of purchase. In addition, provided there is no lapse in your membership, you are able to renew at the same price every year, regardless of increases to new members.
  • When do you plan to open?
    Our target date is currently October/November 2021. This may change as there are a number of things in motion right now, but we will keep you updated whenever we have more information. Also, your first membership is good for one year from the date of opening. That means that you will not be rebilled until we've been open for a full year.

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