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Which beers should we have on tap when we open? Find out tonight in Dares of Loons Landing!

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Scott Johnson

We're getting closer! Our grand opening hasn't been officially set yet, but it'll be sometime in the upcoming Spring. (We're slightly disappointed that our equipment won't be shipped until after the Chinese New Year, but it does give our suppliers a chance for some much-needed rest and relaxation).

We've been thinking and debating about which of our fine recipes we should have on tap when we first open, and we thought it might be good to ask our community what they think they will like. As such, we've created a poll so you can vote for what you'd like to see on tap immediately.

Before we get to the poll, though, some rules of the game:

  1. We're likely going to have 4 beers on tap to begin with (we'll eventually have 12, but it'll take some time to prepare all 12 selections).
  2. We intend to brew one beer selection from the top 4 beer categories from this list, provided that the schedule allows for it (some beers take longer than others to age, so if a beer can't be fit into the schedule, it might not work even if it receives the most votes).
  3. You can vote multiple times if you so desire. (Update: It appears you will need to open a new browser window, or use a private/incognito tab. Apparently our polling system doesn't like it when people vote multiple times.)
  4. Each of the vote styles represents a style of beer, not a specific recipe. For some styles, we actually have multiple recipes, so we'll choose the one we think will be the best at the given time should that category win.
  5. You can vote for multiple categories, so feel free to select all categories you enjoy.

Now, spin the wheel of destiny to find out what you'll be drinking this Spring!

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